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dc.contributor.authorDinçer, Hasan
dc.contributor.authorUluer, Gülsüm Sena
dc.contributor.authorLisin, Anton
dc.identifier.citationDinçer, H., Uluer, G. S. ve Lisin, A. (2022). The role of european green deal for carbon emission reduction. Contributions to Management Science içinde (37-47. ss.). Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH.
dc.description.abstractGlobal warming causes drought in the world so that agricultural production will decrease. With less production level, people’s access to food will be difficult. As a result, there will be an imbalance of supply and demand and the problem of inflation will arise. Furthermore, health problems will occur as people cannot eat properly. Due to climate changes caused by global warming, there is also a decrease in water resources. The preference of fossil fuels in energy production is one of the most important reasons for this. As a result of the burning of resources such as coal and oil to produce electricity, a significant amount of carbon gas is released into the atmosphere. Therefore, countries need to increase their clean energy investments. However, the costs of these energy alternatives are very high compared to fossil fuels. This situation does not attract the attention of investors. Therefore, to use clean energy instead of fossil fuels in energy production, the level of awareness on this issue should be increased. The European Green Deal also focuses on solving this climate crisis. In this context, it is aimed to use environmental resources more consciously and efficiently. It is possible to mention certain aims of this study. First, the European Green Deal aims to produce without harming the environment and nature. On the other hand, the elimination of pollution is one of the aims of this study. In this framework, it is argued that the energy sector should be decarbonized and investments in environmentally friendly technologies should be increased.en_US
dc.publisherSpringer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbHen_US
dc.subjectCarbon Emissionen_US
dc.subjectEnergy Investmentsen_US
dc.subjectGreen Dealen_US
dc.titleThe role of european green deal for carbon emission reductionen_US
dc.relation.ispartofContributions to Management Scienceen_US
dc.departmentİstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi, İşletme ve Yönetim Bilimleri Fakültesi, Uluslararası Ticaret ve Finansman Bölümüen_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryKitap Bölümü - Uluslararasıen_US
dc.institutionauthorDinçer, Hasan
dc.institutionauthorUluer, Gülsüm Sena

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